5 Ways To Increase Your Gut Health

Your gut is made of trillions of microorganisms that maintain a delicate balance between good and bad bacteria. This balance of bacteria makes up a unique microbiome, which protects your body from pathogens. If your gut balance is off, this may affect how you feel physically and mentally as well. Maintaining good gut health is the first step to boosting your body’s defenses and increasing your overall health. Read on to discover 5 ways to increase your gut health.

1. Eat a diverse range of foods

Eating a diet full of many types of nutrients is an important gut health tip that can increase the different types of micro biotic organisms in your gut. The greater the amount and diversity of these microorganisms, the greater the health benefits may be. Fermented foods, legumes and beans, and prebiotic foods such as garlic or onions, can be beneficial to your gut health.

2. Reduce stress

Stress can be a significant cause of microorganism changes. Gut and brain communication may become disrupted, causing bloating, pain, and discomfort. Even stressors such as poor sleep and jet lag may affect your gut as well. Stress can also affect the intestinal barrier, which can let harmful bacteria into the intestines and cause gut bacteria to enter the body. Reducing stress is a crucial gut health tip, and it can be as simple as reassessing your priorities and saying “no” when you have to, incorporating a deep breathing exercise, or trying a yoga routine.

3. Eat less sugar and artificial sweeteners

Too much sugar can disrupt the body’s natural balance in the gut. Artificial sweeteners have been shown to create toxic bacteria in the gut and reduce the number of good bacteria as well. Substituting artificial sweeteners with real sugar or with natural sweeteners is much better for your body, as they are digested normally.

4. Don’t overuse antibiotics

Antibiotics kill off the harmful and good bacteria, which is not ideal. For your gut to function correctly, it needs to have a balance of good and bad bacteria, and when it does not have that, it may cause digestion and intestinal issues. Combatting antibiotics with probiotics is a great way to increase your gut health.

5. Take a probiotic supplement

Probiotics are a type of good bacteria that offer benefits to your gut flora. Taking probiotics may result in improved digestion, healthier skin, and possible weight loss. TLC provides a probiotic supplement that allows you to detox and strengthens your gut while you sleep. ProZ Probiotic is a two-pill supplement that provides you with restful sleep as well as a detox and gut health improvement.* Probiotics and prebiotics come together to restore a healthy microbiome, while natural ingredients help you relax and sleep soundly.*